I am a painter with a background in cognitive and clinical psychology, and a fascination with mathematics, systems and memory. I graduated from Harvard University with a bachelor degree in Social Relations and went on to obtain a Masters in Psychology from the New School and an MFA from SMU. I am currently represented by Conduit Gallery in Dallas.
I am interested in how memories are made and reconstituted over time. Our memories influence our choices, our past and present, yet a memory is not a stable entity. Every time we retrieve a particular memory it is slightly altered, glitches appear, holes emerge which must be filled, and it is transformed into a new version, memory 2.0. Yet we believe memory 2.0 is the original, unaffected by the exposure to the present.
Related to memory, I am interested in the patterns that exist beneath the surface of our lives, often acting as an unconscious director. I enjoy working with patterns that lay underneath the painting, emphasizing one aspect and hiding another.
My work rifts on the flexibility of memory and self and a porousness in the very thin membrane that separates our past and present, allowing a continual reshaping of self and our reality.
Most of my work is abstract, often geometric. In arranging shapes and colors to create a painting, I am accessing memories and experiences, transforming these data into visual relationships.